Upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Volt

This week, General Motors said that there are 6,348 consumers that have taken the 2011 Chevrolet Volt for a spin in 12 city on ‘Volt Unplugged Tour.” The result, GM reviewers like it. The feedback seems to be positive. A member of Volt’s consumer-advisory board love the ride and handling. This car is built with similar underpinning to the Cruze, with a conventional drive.

Volt has received its rating from EPA on Wednesday, and will get the mpg equivalent of 93 mpg. It goes 37 mpg just for gasoline, and 60 mpg for both forms of propulsion. It is also said that the car have a range of 35 miles with electricity. The president of CNW Marketing Research in Bandon, Ore., claims that early data shows the Volt’s consumers has an average income of more thatn $ 85,000, with the average age of 44.

The Volt will be priced $ 41,00 but the tax incentives could make it to $ 33,500.  This car will be competing with Nissan Leaf as both of them are the pioneer in the electric technology. Nissan’s is total electric, but it doesn’t have the extended range capability.

Upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Volt

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Single Cab Pick Up VW Amarok

Volkswagen or maybe you know it as VW, will release its pick up car on 2011. The car name is VW Amarok. This car will bring the line of pick up cars into a new level. Volkswagen is currently working on a smaller single cab version to be released in 2011. The car details is already can be seen on the internet. It has a thick B-pillar that will free some space in the cabin, just behind the passengger seats.

It is not only the cabin that is spacious. Some reports also suggest that this single cab Amarok has the largest pick up bed in a single cab car in its class. VW Amarok will has 2 litre biturbo diesel engine. It offers 163 BHP and the torque of 400 Nm, with a combined economy figure of 36.2 mpg. The new technology on this car will be the Volkswagen semi automatic DSG gearbox that will debut on this single cab model, but will soon be available for the double cab.

Moreover not like to double cab model, people will be offered with cheaper model with rear wheel drive only. The selectable all wheel, as well as permanent all wheel drive model will also be available. The VW Amarok single cab car will be on sale in 2011 for £18,000.


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Next Generation of Vauxhall Mafira, Called Zafira

Vauxhall’s Meriva is ready to welcoming its bigger brother to the line. Vauxhall will release the next generation of Zafira MPV that will be officially released in 2011. The car’s appearance is inspired by the Astra and Meriva, and it makes this newcomer have a more sporty and dynamic looks than Vauxhall Meriva itself.

There is more different between Zafira and the Meriva. Zafira will not using the rear opening FlexDoor arrangement from Vauxhall. It will use a more traditional opening. But it will take advantage from the Flex7 seating that will give a huge array of folding and sliding options, and i means a practical optimization. Some rumors said that there will be various turbocharged petrol and diesel units that will be available on its launch.

The Vauxhall’s Zafira will be as roomy as any MPV, but this car is better to drive than most of them and comes with many airbags as standard. It has big discount and lifetime warranty. But the one piece back seat makes the cabin is not as versatile as it should be. The visibility is not so good either. It is a fun to drive and cheap to run car, but some reviewers said that some rivals are better.


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How Much McLaren MP4-12C Price?

McLaren said on Wednesday that this sport MP4-12C car will be priced around $ 230,000 to $ 250,000 when it goes to the United States a year from now. It will also goes to the United Kingdom for $ 267,200 when the car goes on sale in Europe early on 2011. The final price for the U.S. market will be decided early in 2011, said the McLaren spokesman, Mark Harrison.

For the performance, it should not be doubted as it is a sports car from McLaren. It has 3.8 litre of twin turbo V8 and rated at 592 hp. It mated into a lightweight carbon fiber chassis. The curb weight of the car is 2,866 pounds. McLaren said to be producing 1,000 units of the car in the first year of production. After that, they expect to create more than 4,000 units a year.

More interestingly, the car will be made in the same facility with the Formula One race car. MP4-12C can also be customized in a wide range of options. You can choose from 17 paint colors, as well as 14 interior trims. The performance upgrade available is for the exhaust system, carbon-ceramic brake discs, two lightweight forged wheel, and polished-finish calipers.

McLaren MP4-12C

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A Glance Information about Aston Martin Vantage GT4

Aston Martin Vantage GT4 is an uprated racer. It will gets the upgradd engine and better aerodynamics to be ready on 2011. This car based on the V8 Vantage and have a remapped 4.7 litre of V8 engine that has more power and torque than the current model. The new car will also have an aero kit that inspired by V12 Vantage road car.

Moreover, the car will also have a new splitter at the front, new carbon fibre diffuser, and large boot spoiler from V12. The car’s downforce will be helped with the rear underfloor. Aston will also introduced its race developed Bosch ABS and traction control system that is specially developed by Bosch to give performance improvement in both wet and dry conditions.

The company has sold more than 80 units of Vantage GT4 to the customers around the world for the last two years, and it is the most successful car in its class. It has won the European GT4 Cup and the GT4 class in Dubai 24 Hours, the Nurburgring 24 Hours, and the Spa 24 Hours in 2010.

aston martin vantage gt4

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