hairstyle by miriam wong

2009 winter hairstyle tips

If you want to choose one hairstyle for long hair that easy to maintain, all it takes to keep your locks looking fabulous is to let your hair’s natural qualities be your guide. It doesn’t take a lot of time to keep your hair looking great if you work with your hair instead of against it.

For long and naturally curly hairstyle, use those curls to give you a beautiful look instead of straightening them. On the other hand,  you can use loose French braids or twisted ponytails to add some flair rather than spend hours under the curling iron if you’re hair is straight.


Hair tips for 2010 hairstyles

Your hair is one part of your body that is probably the most important for you style and looks. You will find a vast array of hairstyles suitable for each and every category of hair lengths and face your hairstyles.


You would be wise to consult a hair stylist regarding which hairstyle would suit you best, and which would enhance the beauty of your more attractive features, and tone down the ones which are less attractive, in order to make your face look even more striking.

Your elegant hairstyle is one thing that tends to enhance the shape of your face, but if not made up in the proper manner, it can have undesired effects, to say the least.


To get the most out of your hairstyle, it is important that you keep it in good condition, and make sure that you don’t suffer from dry hair. Hair care products containing Emu Oil, Panthenol or Jojoba oil raise moisture content and improve hair elasticity.

Elegant 2010 women bob hairstyle


The bob hairstyle is one of the most versatile haircuts there is. It can suit almost any face shape and hair-length and can be worn for any occasion. It is perfect if you are unsure of keeping the style and if you intend on growing your hair again. It is most suitable for those who are in transition from long hair to short.

The bob hairstyle is a timeless classic hairpiece and have been worn by men and women alike throughout the years. While it is true to some extent that the bob hairstyle is more masculine, recent modifications to it have made it appeal more to modern and stylish women.

The sharp lines that are often associated with a classic bob hairstyle makes this a very appealing bob hairstyle for the modern lady. It requires little care and maintenance. All that is really needed to maintain the classic bob hairstyle is a brush or comb to keep it in shape.