More Details on Pagani Huayra

More Details on Pagani Huayra

More Details on Pagani Huayra


Some moments ago, we have discussed about the new Pagani Huayra that is hurtling around the European country site, just like the name which is refers to a mystic wind. Unfortunately, until yesterday, the details of this car is still in a very limited number. Yes, I said it is until yesterday, but today the video about the car details has emerged.


The video that you can see on YouTube here will bring you closer and more personal with the awesome Huayra. The level of fit and the finishing touch seems to be as good as its performance figures and good lineage. All the stuffs from the buckled leather straps to hold the front and rear decks, leaflike carbon fiber rearview mirrors, up to the willowy are bringing more sense of supercar.


The most interesting thing in this car is that none of those stuff (maybe except the seat belts), seems to be a part-bin material. It has a hand formed quad exhaust, LED lighting, up to the milled aluminum dashboard. Those details show that Pagani has move very far to make this car exclusive and unique. Now, let’s have another wait for the pricing, but don’t expect a cheap one.

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Volkswagen Beetle Will be Debuted in China

Volkswagen Beetle Will be Debuted in China


The latest news from the Volkswagen’s base in Wolfsburg said that the second generation of the New Beetle is officially will coming to the market at the Shanghai Motor Show in next month. The VW Beetle is actually an American pop phenomenon, and it is smarts a bit to be lost that cachet to the very promising Chinese venue.


The early report on the Beetle is that this car will be significantly more sportier than the current matzoh-ball that is built exclusively for desperate people who want their manufacturer to bring some cute stuff and an absolute symmetry built, alongside with the non-headed rear passengers seats.


As we know that the European don’t want to get the sensational 335 horsepower W28 engine with its in line five cylinder turbo to be coming in both Audi TT RS and RS3, there is an indication that they will bring that Beetle to the North America. The inner sources from Wolfsburg said that the Beetle is now much sportier, and much more appealing to male buyers as well. Some even said that this new Beetle is better on the track than the VW R coupe that still doesn’t coming to America.

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Audi A9 Will be Created on Two Doors

Audi A9 Will be Created on Two Doors


Maybe you have noticed that every number from A1 to A8 has already been assigned by Audi. Now, they are rumored to be working the A9 to further expanding their car range. The earlier reports said that this A9 car will arrive as a four door coupe and will be looks similar to the Mercedes-Benz CLS.


However, that four door stuff is might only be a rumor, as the latest word from the Autobild said that the Audi A9 will firstly arrive as a two door coupe and convertible model. The underpinnings platform are still tipped to be sharing with the other upcoming car from Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Estoque. Beside that, there will also Porsche Panamera, Audi A8, and maybe the next Bentley Continental GT as well.


If the four door model follows, the A9 may follow a similar derivative rollout scheme like the A5, which is also coming as a coupe before being tuned into a five door Sportback edition. Moreover, I don’t think that the production car will looks similar to the rakish A9 concept that is created by the independent designer Daniel Garcia as you see in the picture above.

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Full Details on Koenigsegg Agera R

Full Details on Koenigsegg Agera R


Koenigsegg is really getting some attention when they are announcing their new Agera R at last month’s Geneva Motor Show. The car seems like a must have unit with its speed racing paint and the full 1,115 horsepower. Now, this unique Swedish automaker has released the full specification of this hypercar, and I assure you that the specification won’t disappoint anyone.


As I already mentioned before Geneva Motor Show, this car has a 5.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine to produce an awesome 940 horsepower if you fill the tank with 95 octane gasoline. To see a more shocking power, fill it with E85 bio-ethanol, and you will get the whole 1,115 hp. That engine drive the rear wheels via its seven speed dual clutch gearbox. With that way, this sports car can sprint from 0 to 60 mph to 2.9 second.


That awesome engine is supported with a carbon Kevlar body that weighing at 660 pounds is able to bring a downforce of 250 km/h. That is where the turbine wheels working in a Michelin rubber that is uniquely made. Koenigsegg also said that this car will also pull the neck straining 1.6g on the skid pad.

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Japan’s Earthquake Effect to Auto Industry

Japan's Earthquake Effect to Auto Industry


This might not a proper time to discuss about Japan’s auto industry after the earthquake and tsunami tragedy, as the disaster itself hasn’t stop with the nuclear radiation problem. The earthquake is shocking the nation’s infrastructure and caused the worst nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl tragedy. We should also notice that beside destructing the country, the earth also halted the car production, and the tsunami also destroying thousands of export cars and trucks.


With the production halted and the drying up parts supplies causes the waiting lists for new Japanese cars. CNW Research said that the line will only willing to wait for 90 days for the delays. There are 8% of Honda customers will change their mind after 90 day delays.  There is also 13% for Subaru, 14% for Toyota, and 19% for Nissan.


You might think that those numbers are not too significant. Now, let’s compare with similar-sized automakers in the United States. Ford will only lose 6% of their customers after 90 days of delays. Jeep even only has 2.8% of that figure, while the rest of the customers will stick around with them.

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