hairstyle by leo nixon

2009 Hairstyle Trend: Inverted Bob

If you have really fine hair,  inverted bob is a great hairstyle. It’s one of the few trendy and most fashionable hairstyles that women with baby fine hair can wear and look great.

There are styles for frizzy, curly, smooth, straight, and wavy hair. This bob can work with a wide range of hair textures.

Hairstyle Trends 2009: Short Hairstyles

Some women love long hair, others prefer medium lengths while others enjoy their short sassy looks.

 There are so many advantages  of short hairstyle:

 Short hair is extremely flexible. Short hair is never boring because it will constantly change shape as it grows. Short hair is always in fashion. So ,it will be the hottest hairstyle in the year of 2009.


2009 Hairstyle Trends: Pixie, Bob Hair Cut

Short haircut styles can bring out your facial features.The pixie hair cut style will really show off your face so be sure you’re confident about your facial features.

If your eyes are a central feature of your face, this style can really make them ‘pop’.  You should also have elegant, “fine boned”, angular features to your face. 

The predominate feature of pixie hair cut style are the close-cropped layers that frame your face. Also, it is very short and close-cropped around your back of the neck and ears .