hairstyle by bruce spears

Trendy BOB in 2009 summer


Modern will be also contrasts on your hair. Stylish clipped hair is still a good choice if you have natural curly hair.


However, talk to your hairdressers. Maybe you should give the bob hairstyle, but not too short.


Bob hairstyle with fringes is not for any form of the face, short hair to emphasize the form of the face. So just keep that in mind also, if you planning to drastically change and cut to the short.

Cool bob hair 2009


The modern bob hairstyle can best be described by its interplay with the shape of the face.


A woman who gets a modern bob hairstyle can expect her stylist to carefully study her chin, brows, forehead, nose and cheekbones, because the bob hairstyle can be designed to call attention to a single one of these features, or to a more general facial area.


Among the leading trends to come, is still in first place bob hairstyleBob hairstyle has long been the No.1 on fashion airstrips, but it is so popular among celebrities as well as at the normal girls which you have daily met in streets.

Hot short hairstyle – Eva Longoria Parker


Eva Longoria Parker’s short hairstyle with stylish curls make her stand out from the others.


As one of the 5 winners in the hottest hair contest in Hollywood, Eva Longoria Parker’s elegant hair swings to the center of her back creating a sexy look.


Eva Longoria Parker prefers a modern, long shag hairstyle of curly layers that attract the opposite sex. The use of many layers neutralizes the thickness in Eva’s sexy hair and adds trimmings that exude a natural navy texture.