U2's New Album Songs Leaked on Youtube

Bono, daughter Memphis Eve and wife Ali Hewson vacationing on the French Riviera
Bono, and daughter Memphis Eve (M) picture (Embed code from Photobucket)

Songs for U2's new album in four years, supposedly to be named No Line On The Horizon, were leaked to the online video portal Youtube.com, Dailymail reported. How did this happened? It was because of the carelessness of Bono who played the songs too loudly while vacationing with daughter Memphis Eve and wife Ali Hewson in the Southern France. Excerpts below from the article:

Tracks from rock band U2’s new album have appeared on the internet illegally after singer Bono allegedly played them too loudly at his holiday villa on the French Riviera.

[....]a Dutch fan says he heard music blaring out of the beachside home in the village of Eze-sur-Mere, near Nice, and recorded it on his mobile phone.

He then boasted about his achievement on U2 fan site Interference.com before putting the tunes on YouTube.


The quality is said to be poor - the noise of waves crashing on the beach and seagull cries can be heard in the background, but the new development in the world of pop music piracy is said to have concerned U2 greatly.

Sure Bono's unusual encounter will be a big lesson for those record artists.