Swedish Designer Reinvent The E-Type Jaguar

Swedish Designer Reinvent The E-Type Jaguar


The E-Type Jaguar has reached 5 years this year, and plenty of people still talk about this classic lines until today. Recently a car designer from Sweden, Bo Zolland, has indirectly announced that he is a fan of the E-Type. In addition, he has the right tools and skill to generate the vision of what E-Type might look like if it is resurrected in the 21st century.


Zolland calls his rendered design of Jaguar homage as the Growler E 2011 Concept, and it seems that he is clearly takes the design cues from its original version. There is also the 240Z and Chevrolet Corvette. But you can also say that those cars got its shape from the E-Type.


Fittingly, this Growler E 2011 car would be built in top of the guts of a Jaguar XKR, which would also has 5.0 liter V8 engine which is able to transmit 600 horsepower to this car. This car is actually a command from a Swiss businessman who wanted to offer a single model. To make it true, he come to the studio Vizualtech Bo Zolland who is worked with Robert independent Swiss Palm. Bo Zolland is actually a famous designer at caradisiac.com. He is specializing for hyper realistic 3D renderings for many cars.

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Italian Style In Fiat 500 Gucci


Italian stylish chich vehicle like Fiat 500 is a perfect couple for Gucci. To make t more obvious, those two Italian brands has teamed up in a special line. The Fiat 500 from Gucci which was designed by Lapo Elkann is a joint effort between the creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini and Centro Stile from Fiat as well as celebrating Italy’s 150th year of independence.


The car is intend to follow the footsteps of the Diesel Edition of Fiat 500. There is also the myriad of similiar initiatives that involve the Citroen DS3 and Mini. The car is available in either black or white color. The signature of GUcci, red and green stripe, runs down the side of the car. There is also a double G logo on the wheel hubs and in the pattern of the seats.


Actually, there is a range of clothing and accessories to mark the occasion from Gucci. Both of the car and collections were launched at Milan Fashion Week and will be displayed in a stand at Geneva Motor Show next month. You can see that the car has a pure Italian concept in the pcture above.

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Saab 9-3 Incependence Officially Revealed


A couple days ago, there is a report on the special edition of Saab 9-3 which we have talked about the Independence from the General Motors. The automaker has confirmed the particulars and corrected details. The 9-3 Independence Edition will not only celebrate Saab’s liberation from the General Motors, but also its 24th anniversary of their first convertible.


The car will based on the Aero trim model. The previous report said that it has 2.0 liter turbo from the 9-5 with 220 horsepower, but it is actually will be 1. liter diesel with 180 horsepower in a six speed automatic transmission. The dominant color of this car is Amber Orange metallic in the exterior, while the cabin has a parchment leather sport seats and stitching on its steering.


On the floor mats, you will se the grey piping, while the panel, levers, and handles, in carbon look leather. The 18 inch wheels  makes the car looks elegant. Saab will only create 366 examples of this Independence Edition will be made in all. There will be only one unit each day of this year, and one other unit will kick off for the next.

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Smart ForSpeed Concept Tries to Looks Fast


Daimler has tried to be so kind to provide us with the picture of Smart ForSpeed before the vehicle is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week. As you might expect before, the car will features a 41 horsepower electric motor which is able to reach 37 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. That figure marks a two seconds improvement from the standard car, the produciton version of Smart ForTwo ED.


Yes, I aggree with you that the two seconds different is not a big gap to talk too much about. However, I won’t exactly called this improvement as nothing either.


This SMart ForSpeed vehicle along with its electric drive technology will hit the stage of Geneva Motor Show next month without topping. But Smart has been pretty kind by including a toneau cover if the wheather is sunny to protect you while waiting the car to reach its top speed of 75 mph. The good news is that this car was informed to be able to have a range of 85 miles and can be quickly charge for 80 percent of the battery in only 45 minutes.

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NHTSA Investigating 44,000 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

NHTSA Investigating 44,000 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The Detroit News is reporting that National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation to the 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid which is almost 44,000 units because of stalling concerns. The agency said that they received around 32 complaints, with 21 of them said that the engine was stalled at speeds of over 40 mph.

26 of those reports said that they even could not restarted the engine after this. NHTSA says that the problem is representing a growing trend, with all but one incidents were occurred in the last year. Toyota themselves said that they will do everything they could to cooperate with this official investigation. The Detroit News also reporting that Toyota recently recalled 1.33 million units of Corolla and Matrix vehicles for the same problem. It also includes Pontiac Vibe models.

Toyota is on their way to recover from a lot of recalls that associated with an unintended acceleration. This Japanese automaker was also recently vindicated by research by NASA engineers who determined that there was nothing wrong (electronically) with the throttle system from the company.

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