hairstyle by ruby hahn

Paris hot bob hairstyle


The long fringe could be a popular trend as Paris is promoting this beautiful hair style to perfection. For Paris, this requires the use of extensions to add the longer hair fringe that can be styled in several ways and is great at softening facial features, not that she requires any.


This hair trend should start to pick up because it does offer some great looks but not everyone needs hair extensions to get this to work. The right hairstyle should create exactly the right look.

2010 new hairstyle for women

Everybody was in love with Reese’s new hairstyle at the Golden Globes and it is easy to see why. The new hairstyle gave her a newer, fresh look after a tough year. The highlights look great and the hair looks soft with the angled haircut.


The hair bangs are a perfect touch to a soft, layered, and angled hairstyle. This is a great hairstyle for girls looking for something new that is very complimentary of many facial shapes. The hairstyle really frames facial areas and can soften many areas.


2010 brunette hair color

Celebrities often change hair color which always creates a totally different look and Scarlett Johansson switched hers right before a movie premiere.


First, for those who don’t know, she has hot golden blonde hair color that really matches her skin tone and brings about those lovely eyes.


Her hair color switch was to a rich brunette color that still looks very good on her but leaves the debate of which hair color really works best for her. The blonde hair color looks much better on her as it matches her lighter skin tone where the dark hair is more of a contrast. It doesn’t matter as she still looks just as beautiful with the brunette hair.