Ferrari FF Crash on Video

Ferrari FF Crash on Video

Ferrari FF Crash on Video


The moment when Ferrari was hosted some number of journalists from around the world to Italy is still on my mind, as they were doing that in not too long ago. They did the gathering in order to introduce their brand new Ferrari FF to the world. If you haven’t heard about the car, let me tell you that the price for the car is £230,000.


At that press conference, Jethro Bovingdong was showed up to represent the CAR crowd. Unfortunately, he has some problems while trying to work up the video monologue and driving this awesomely expensive Italian supercar in some narrow road in the country at the same time.


Now, why would I tell you something that considered to be happening in some moments ago? I want to remind you on how precious is the car. I want to do that in order to show you how it will feels like when the car is crash, just like what happen to Bovingdon, shortly after the announcement that is intended to demonstrate. He crashed the car off of a curb. CAR Magazine said that the damage was only to both wheels and passenger side. How much would be the repair cost? I only said that it won’t be cheap.

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BMW M5 Will Get Manual Transmission in U.S.

BMW M5 Will Get Manual Transmission in U.S.



You might already heard before that the upcoming F10 BMW M5 won’t get a manual transmission option in the U.S. before. But now, there is a contradictory to that previous report which is now said that the car will be available in manual transmission. As with the E60 M6, I think that this manual transmission model will be slower than that automated version, but I don’t think it will has any awesome stuff. Don’t worry as the United States’ customers is still able to brig the seven speed dual clutch transmission if they want to.


For your information, there is one model that BMW won’t develop for the U.S. market. In the land of Germany, you can have a car which is able to reach 189 miles per hour of top speed as long as they are agree to enter the M5-specific driver training program. But actually, those things are expensive as you have to pour your additional money for the training program, upgraded engine management software, and ZR-rated tires.


If you want to know more information about this, BMW will unveiled more on April 1st. You can check the live report from the event at BMWBLOG.

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KIA Will Fight Mazda MX-5

KIA Will Fight Mazda MX-5 Fighter


KIA is getting serious to add a two seat droptop vehicle to be slotted beside Mazda MX-5 on their lineup. Paul Philpott, the European CEO of KIA has said that during 2011 and 2012, KIA will expanding and enhance their volume offerings. He also said that a roadster could be in the line of their future product soon.


Philpott is actually not the only one who want to see KIA sports car. KIA’s Chief Designer, Paul Schreyer, also said that this Korean automaker is surely have to add a sporty vehicle on their lineup. A guy from Auto Express is creating the virtual rendering for that kind of vehicle, and that rendering is seems like heavily inspired from the Pontiac Solstice.


For your information, the idea of adding a sports car in KIA’s lineup is not a new concept. KIA has the licensing rights of Lotus Elan since 1995 to 1999, and they are creating the Kia Elan which is exclusively sold in Korea. Another report is stating that KIA is working on a small all wheel drive car to be slotted below the Sportage. KIA Soul will be refreshed in the next two years, so maybe that hatchback will also has an all wheel drive.

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Porsche is Preparing F458?s Competitor

Ford is Preparing F458's Competitor


Porsche seems like trying to double their current volume of sales. In order to do that, they also need to expand their current lineup. Actually, they will have Cajun and 918 on their lineup, but those are still one to three years away. We were also heard about a sub Boxster roadster or the hybrid Panamera from them.


Autocar is reporting that a supercar might be on the Porsche’s pipeline and it will be the challenger of the Ferrari 458 Italia. They are reporting that Mathias Muller, the boss, want the company to have another mid engine offering by saying “we want something above the 911, but below the 918 Spyder.” Muller also added that Porsche is already has some designs which is have to be improved and the business case is still needs to be made.


If that kind of Porsche is finally made its way to production, I expect that there will be a group of lightweight material. While Audi is now sharing their family tree with Porsche, that new supercar might also share the R8 aluminum space frame chassis. In other way, they might bring a highly modified 911 car. But I think that road is still very long from a production level.

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2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring

2012 Nissan GT-R at Nurburgring


Nissan seems to be really enjoyed their time in Germany. It has been proven with some of the video of Nissan’s vehicle that were taken in Germany.  However, it seems that they only spent their time in one specific area, the Nurburg village, Germany.


Now, there is another trace of Nissan in Germany. They are coming back to Nurburgring with an extra 54 horsepower for their model year 2012. It is their updated super coupe that is being tested to see how much time could be shaved off from their best lap with the old car. That lap time is 7m 26.7s. The new car is succeed to have 7:24.22. Sounds like faster than Maserati MC12 right?


In truth, it is not necessarily put the 2012 Nissan GT-R above Maserati. There are plenty of cars such as Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, Porsche Carrera GT, and Ferrari Enzo with their own awesome engine. However until now, there is still no official automaker that records the lap times at Nurburgring with production car, so it is hard to judge. But you can be sure that the 2012 GT-R is slower than Dodge Viper ACR and Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

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