BMW X6 M has More Power from Hamann

BMW X6 M has More Power from Hamann

BMW X6 has More Power from Hamann


Hamann has released their abarsive Tycoon EVO M, which is based on the 2011 BMW X6 M. Just like what Hamann always do, everything about their car is completely beyond comprehension. The first thing is the massive horsepower addition to the stock engine which is boosting its power from the original 550 to a shocking 670. Hamann said that the top speed is 186 mile per hour.


For the exterior, this big bimmer is 60 milimeters wider than the original model. This new size is created by setting the carbon accented matte black paint scheme in top of its 23 inch wheels as its feet which is also colored in matte black. Its taillights, roof rack, rear spoiler, hood, antenna, and the exhaust package get the carbon fiber treatment.


The interior stuff is also truly insane, with Hamann eschewed a carbon fiber or aluminum trim combined with a Nanai Salmon Leather. Hamann said that this car will be just durable and luxurios like the traditional interior leather, but with a structure of salmon skin. It might look similar to the snake skin. The interesting trim choice come from the usual litany Alacantra seats and the quilted leather style.

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Will 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler Spit up Their Gas?

Will 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler Split Their Gas?


Somw owners of the Jeep Wrangler said that they have been getting a shocking surprise from their 2007-3008 Wranglers. There are around 600 complaints and 900 warranty claims that the Jeep off roaders have been spitting their gas to the owners during the fill up. Those oweners were saying that their Jeeps have a tendency to spit the fuel back out from its filler lines if you don’t pay a close attention to your pump.


After those complaints, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened up their inverstigation to those claims in November 2010. However, they are closing it in February after finding that those fuel leaks don’t close enough with the significant safety hazard.


NHTSA is saying that the internet forums were playing a big role for the number of complaints that they received. The forum members were posting some messages to tell the other owners to file complaints to the NHTSA. NHTSA said that many of that message senders were not founding the fault, and only based on the urging of message boards. Unfortunately, the Jeep owners are not convinced and said that the problem is dangerous, with a repair cost of $ 600, though Chrysler warranties will cover moist of it.

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New KIA Rio Will be a Hot Hatch

New KIA Rio Will be a Hot Hatch


Autocar is reporting that KIA might be mulling the creation of a hot hatch in their all new KIA Rio. The news is coming aftera comment from Benny Oeyen, KIA’s marketing and product planning boss for Europe. He said that their perception in the old country still laid behind the quality and design that KIA has to offer now.


He also said that the only way to fix that problem is by creating a new vehicle which is able to sway public opinion. Don’t know what he is talking about? It is the hot hatch, cabriolet or coupe as his viable options. According to Autocar, the most possible options is the hot hatch version of the Rio. It is because the fact that the segment of this car is booming in the UK now.


KIA Rio was recently unveiled by KIA at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is coming with some sportier looks such as its large alloy wheels. However, even if KIA is really will create the hot hatch version of the Rio,it seems that the vehicle will be an offering for Euro only. If you are in another continent, you might want to change to Hyundai Veloster as your Korean hot hatch.

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First Sketch of Mercedes-Benz A-Class Spotted

First Sketch of Mercedes-Benz A-Class Spotted


The sketch that you see above is the first design of Mercedes-Benz A-Class which has leaked to the internets. If you see it carefully, you may think that this vehicle seems much sportier than the styling buck that we see back in January. This A-Class Benz is said to do its debut at Shanghai Motor Show, and when the show runs, it might bring some stuff from the sports coupe plabybook.


At the rear side of this car, the artists from the Silver Arrow seems to put a beltline which kicks up to the rear hatch. The roof of this A-Class seems to be leans dow when it is closer to the rear glass. Actually those details has already been reported in a few weeks ago, but this creation seems to be much more functional with the boxy design.


Anyway, no matter what is the fact when the car comes to the reality, the sure thing is that the buyers will has both five door and three door hatch options when this baby Benz finally lands in its local dealership. Some other rumors said that this Mercede-Benz product will bring some fuel savvy engines, though the AMG iteration is said to reach 270 horsepower.

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Best Used Car for Teens According to Consumer Reports

Best Used Car for Teens According to Consumer Reports


Actually letting your 16 year old children behind the wheel with some tons of metal is a terrifying thought. Unfortunately, they are more likely to die in a car accident compared to any other means. And in most cases, those accidents were avoidable.


To make it easier for you to pick your car for teens, Consumer Reports is coming with the list of some new and cheap options to keep your teens safe while they are traveling between school, work, and home. Of course, the recommendation is a family from sedan with many modern safety features with affordable price including the stability control, traction control, ABS, and side curtain air bags.


Why are they don’t include stuffs like trucks and SUVs? It is because they are considering its poor handling, bad gas mileage, and the high center of gravity which caused a harder handling problem. It is clear why they don’t include any sports cars. Here are their prime choices: 2009 and later Ford Focus, Acura TSX, 2007 and later Hyundai Sonata or Elantra, 2007 and later Mazda 3, 2008 and later Scion xB, and the last one is the 2007 and on Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf and Jetta.

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