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Elegant Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Elegant Hairstyles for Straight Hair most of the women of color have had their own experiences of struggling with their Afro hair. This has encouraged them to make their move of having their hair relaxed and straightened out more willingly than embracing their natural curls.The natural curls have this fantastic look, and often have a cool and funky edge.Elegant Hairstyles for Straight Hair In spite of this to be able to make most out of the Afro hair, it is very vital to treat the natural curls properly.

The main and most typical dilemma that the women of color will be facing with their Afro hair is the frizzies. To be able to tame the frizzies, treat your natural curls well and using some hair moisturizer whilst your hair is still damp.If your hair is thick, then you had better opt for creams instead, and if your have finer frizzy hair, a moisturizing lotion will be fine. You also have to keep in mind that you have to stay away from any heavy and sticky products such as waxes because they will dry your hair out and encourage more frizzes.

Aside from avoiding waxes, you have to avoid any product that contains even the smallest, tiniest microscopic level of alcohol that is every so often found in hairspray.Apart from treating your hair well, having a good hairstyle that will fix your natural curls is another good option.hairstyle that will be perfect for women of color. By using the hair extensions, the short hair becomes longer and the thin hair becomes thicker. You have the preference of choosing the classic businesslike braid style that is braided together with the ends being twisted into a bun at the nape of the neck.

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